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The Centuva team stands out for its first-hand experience as MDs and PhDs steeped in high-level medical research and clinical experience, uniquely qualified to pick up and deliver complex scientific and core brand messages for you, on demand.

We have unparalleled access to healthcare professionals through our peer-to-peer networks.

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As professionals, we can access other doctors globally, on demand. Our penetration of “no-see” practices is unparalleled. Let our network help you access untapped market share.


With a vast knowledge base and quick access to information, we work efficiently in the digital space, an approach that translates into high-level output at a much lower cost.


We work on a targeted, peer-to-peer level that focuses directly on our clients’ needs and objectives and fully complies with all regulations. We provide a friendly, professional and knowledgeable conduit for medical information.


We are doctors and high-level researchers with decades of experience and a professional commitment to keeping up with the latest scientific literature.

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Email: info@centuva.com

Address: 3 Place Ville Marie - Suite 400

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