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Our "Doctors speaking with doctors" services

See a measurable difference with Centuva’s specialized services. We are justifiably proud of our results, and we want to help you feel the same confidence in our capabilities as we do. We achieve higher reach and re-contact rates across all therapeutic areas – and we have the statistics to prove it.

Centuva’s results last year. Average of all programs.

At 12 months, our reach rate was

Our HCP re-contact rate was

Our in-depth scientific/medical reviews

Last year, we performed 58 in-depth scientific/medical reviews in various therapeutic fields, including severe asthma, oncology, rheumatology, cardiovascular disease, lipid therapy, dermatology, women’s health and others.

Our advisory board management

Last year, we managed over 40 traditional and virtual ad-boards globally, providing our extremely cost-effective services and our expertise in all therapeutic fields. For each event, we provided a highly detailed report incorporating our clinical insights.

Our promotional material reviews

We reviewed over 60 promotional pieces last year in most therapeutic fields, adding a high-level of expertise to the content in our cost-effective and quick-turnaround process.

And more…

For details on how we achieved these results, results in other therapeutic fields and how we can reach notable goals with your products, please contact us.

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